Zippys® fresh pad and fresh sleeve

Zippys® fresh pad and fresh sleeve is the functional pad that absorbs and decomposes the ethylene gas affecting the freshness of fruits in the storage and distribution process, and inhibits the growth of various molds so it can extend the shelf life with the freshness-keeping function and satisfy the overseas customers’ demand for freshness when the agricultural products are exported.

Peaches with Zippys functional sleeves

Peaches-with-Zippys-functional-sleeves Both the pad and sleeve are designated as “the freshness-keeping packaging for export” by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in 2012. Due to its advantage of maintain the marketability of the fruits, it is applicable for long-term transportation or storage including export.

Also, it provides various size of pad in terms of the size of fruit

Tangerine applied to Zippys fresh pad


Zippys® functional film

Zippys® functional film is the flexible packaging film for retail distribution designed in consideration of breathing characteristics, moisture content, and gas discharging volume of fruits and vegetables as well as antibacterial effect. It extends the shelf life and satisfies the customers’ demands for freshness-retention.

Zippys® functional film has three different types- OPP, CPP and PE film- regarding its use and thickness. OPP film is proper for vegetable/fruit package and fresh-cut package with thickness of 25㎛~30㎛. CPP film is applicable for single use or lamination of foods package with thickness of 20㎛~50㎛. PE film is applicable for dried foods or kimchi package and has thickness of 30㎛~80㎛. These three films have a common function of absorbing and decomposing the ethylene gas, inhibiting the growth of bacteria and mold, and restraining the fruit skin from being dried and preventing weight as well as the loss of vitamin C.


About the Company

Hangreentech is an innovative active packaging company developing and supplying the active packages that maintain the freshness of produce and foods optimally through the modified atmosphere packaging based on the patented materials.

Hangreentech is setting a business goal of developing and supplying the freshness-retaining advanced materials and packaging products that can satisfy the freshness demands of producers, distributors, and consumers. That is to say, we have developed packaging solutions extending the shelf life of fresh produce and food and supplied them to overseas companies as well as domestic ones.

Also, it has carried out a joint research with Seoul National University for the freshness-keeping material technology and been continuously developing new products for the packages optimized for export and distribution of fresh produce and foods based on the research. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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