Advanced Automatic Labeller & Shrink Wrapping Machine Leader (ECLB-250)

ECLB-250 labeller speciallydeveloped to apply adhesive label to various containers for high speed.

Compact design of ECLB-250 can offer high efficiency and stability for production with easy control for operators especially for quick change over for different size of containers & labels.


    Product Description

  • Application for multi containers in various shapes, size and vials
  • Counting function for production is available.
  • Guarantee exact label position by step motor movement.
  • Label detection by pork sensor & mirror reflect type non contact sensor.
  • Cap bigger than container can be applied with change of side plate.
  • CE certification and various patents for related equipment.
  • According to customer’s inquiry various vision & printing system can be applied for Antares, PCE & Cognex.
  • Detached label unwinder from the label heads to keeping on same breaking
  • Safety cover available.
  • Detection for remained label roll length & label presence.

Shrink Wrapping Machine (ECMB-40)

ECMB-40 is a highly advanced functional stretch banding & shrink wrapping machine. It is easy to operate, applicable for various containers, and is designed for stable and efficient operation.


    Product Description

  • Function for stretch banding & shrink wrapping.
  • Multi applications for cartons, blisters, and bottles.
  • Balcony design for the user friendly.
  • Compliant with GMP standard.
  • Easy dust cleaning design inclined frontal base.
  • Solid driving mechanism.
  • Easy & quick film loading and change design.
  • Suitable for both fully automated lines and as standalone operation.
  • Fast & high accurate operation control by servo motors.
  • Memorized up to 24 product detail & parameters.
  • 2 levels password system for Operator & Supervisor.
  • Digital temperature control for sealing heater

More Details

  • Place of origin : Made in Korea

About Company

  • ECM Co., Ltd is a prominent South Korean venture company that manufactures various packaging systems, labelers, leaflet outserters, shrink wrapping machines, etc.
  • With rich experience and accumulated technology, the company has been producing various packaging systems that have been recognized by customers, and has been participating and submitting its products to various national and international packaging exhibitions in South Korea, Germany, India, etc.
  • The company has delivered its packaging equipment to various national and foreign companies, and its packaging system has been chosen as the main packaging equipment for major pharmaceutical companies, contributing to the enhancement of their productivity and cost reduction.
  • The company’s bottle labellers, sealing labellers, and leaflet outserters, with CE and ISO 9001:2008 certifications, and ECLO-200 models have been selected as “machines of excellent workmanship for promoting venture business.”
  • Along with such achievements, we are either applying for or have applied for patents for other labellers and devices.
  • The company has also developed a new high-speed bottle labeller, the monobloc rotary labeling and side outserting M/C (ECLBO-200).
  • The company will do its best by researching the newest trends in global markets, bearing in mind that “Our own future depends on the customers’ futures,” and through restless research and development.
  • ECM will always do its best to be resourceful, trustworthy, and satisfying company for the customers.

Certificate & Patent

  • Among its many achievements, it boasts two patents, the labeling device for adjusting its height, and the label attachment device along with the venture company certification by the Korea Technology Finance Corporation, the ISO 9001-2008, the CE certification for the leaflet outserter, Bottle Labeller CE Certification, and Carton Sealing Labeller CE Certification.
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