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The restorative herbal medicine, the Cheongnyun-nuri comes in packages of 600g~750g. They are sold in bottles or boxes and the color is either gold or purple. It is produced through the traditional method of principles and practices of Eastern medicine.

Whangshiljingo_1 It is boiled for three days and stilled in a well for one day and so on. It is selected only with the cleanest materials strictly selected at Muju and made in sanitary production sites there. It is a product that fits the taste of the modern man since it tastes smooth with the rough taste is extracted. The mixture ingredient power materials are grinded into fine power so it is easy to digest. It can be also taken in a form of jelly or digested plainly.


Cheongnyun-MujuCheonma Fermentation

The Muju herbal medicine comes in bottles of 750g or in sticks (10g x 500 packages). Through selection of fine medical power, it is mixed with good quality Chinese herbal medicine and condensed. It taste delicious and the scent is pleasant so the young, the old, the female and the male alike can enjoy them.


More Details

  • Brand : Cheongnyun-nuri
  • Place of orgin : Made in Korea

About Company

  • Namyoung Pharm screens selectively various medicines from Muju area, Dukyoo Mountain, Shinsan’s deep valley and other environment-friendly areas. It specializes in slow food that is found in the Muju region by using the special product, Cheonma through intensive R & D. Our company prides itself in the high-level of our R&D center so the products are processed and packed well with strict quality control implemented. And they are distributed through our outstanding sales system.

Technology / Certificate & Patent

  • Namyoung’s products are as mentioned a mixture of fine ingredients found around Muyu area and the traditional Chinese herbal medicines. It is certified by HACCP, Korea’s food and drug administration and produced with the patented technology so you can fully trust their high level of production technology.
  • Patent awarded for its production system, ISO 9001/2000/ISO14001 and eight other certification.
    It has a history starting from September 1995 with factory established in Dec. 1998, outstanding industrial design awarded by the Ministry of Commerce and Resources, It possesses manufacturing licenses for 124 Chinese herbal medicines
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