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2014 Fedora S9 White

Fedora S9 White is a stroller used from newborn to 49 months. The product is made of aluminum and EVA tire, and come in various colors such as plum pink, cherry red, rich purple, melon jade, peanut brown and walnut gray. This deluxe-type stroller is a size of 1010 X 930 X 610 when open, and 950 X 500 X 610 when folded. The tire sizes are 160 for the front, and 230 for the rear. The stroller weight is 10.5kg.



Fedora C3

The Fedora C3 Car Seat is used from newborn to 7 years oil. The product is made of polyester, and come in various colors such as sun red, earth brown, aurora green, cloud gray, organic red, organic brown, organic green, and organic gray. This all-round car seat is a size of 485 X 588 X 685, and the weight of 9.5kg.


More Details

  • Brand : Fedora S9 / Fedora C3
  • Place of origin : Made in Korea

About Company

  • Fedora is a brand name for global total baby products created by Prebebe, the Korean distributor for international premium baby product brands such as Kiddy, Joolz, Manduca, JJ Cole and OXO TOT with advanced safety technology grafted onto baby products in order to meet the customer needs for safety, practicality and economical aspect of the product. Fedora is God’s gift to present to the children in mind, the brand is made with all sincerity. Fedora of customer tailored services for children in peace, safety and stability of three spirits that aims to make the product safe to use and showcasing. Also to be used safely committed to providing a reliable service.

Technology / Certificate & Patent

  • Fedora is a “social design” to accept the concept of customer’s great ideas, and Fedora supporters through R&D, product design, manufacturing and marketing products and processes to be applied to. Fedora listens to the voices of the customers to develop and produce the products. Since establishment in 2007, Prepepe imported various international baby brands, including Manduca, OXO TOT, JJ COLE, and Joolz. Prepepe Co., LTD’s own brand, Fedora was launched in 2012, and was designated as the promising export company by the Korean government. Products of Fedora by Prepepe Co., LTD is now exported to many countries including Vietnam, Thailand, China, Taiwan, and Indonesia.
  • Fedora by Prepepe Co., LTD was awarded the 2013 Hit Item by the Asian Economy Magazine for the 1st semester of 2013, and participated in numerous domestic and international baby fairs, such as CBME in China and others.
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