Unique Air Sterilizer/Deodorizer to Fascinate the Global Market

Household Air Sterilizer/Deodorizer

Unlike ordinary dust-collecting types employing filters or ultra violet ray generators, Dooyeon Tech Co.’s “DY-H100W” air sterilizer/deodorizer for household use is designed to discharge ionized oxygen clusters (or oxygen ion clusters).

DY-H100W_1 http://korean-products.com/inquiry As a result, the model offers far more effective sterilizing and deodorizing effects. It enables the user to remove not only general viruses, bacteria and mold, but also H1N1 flu viruses. With it, users can effectively get rid of harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The model eliminates unpleasant smell of cigarettes and ammonia and helps the users to better care their skin by removing free oxygen radicals. Measuring 106 x 106 x 242, it is very compact and easy to install. Due to its simple design, it is easy to maintain. The company also produces stand-type models suitable for wide rooms or offices.


Phytoncide-Air-FreshenerPhytoncide Air Freshener

Spray type air fresheners from Dooyeon Tech Co. use 100% phytoncide concentrate extracted from cypress trees. With just a few spritz, users can fill their home with the subtle yet pleasant scent of cypress trees. Containing natural cypress essential oil as its content, the product can remove bacteria and viruses as well. Its bottle has a capacity of 150ml.

More Details

  • Brand : Virus Safe / Virus Safe Natural Phytoncide
  • Place of origin : Made in Korea

About Company

  • Dooyeon Tech Co., founded in 2001, has rapidly grown into one of most promising suppliers in the domestic air sterilizer & deodorizer field. The company has enjoyed an explosive popularity for its unique products both at home and abroad, especially in Japan, China and the US.

Technology / Certificate & Patent

  • Highly convinced of the great potential of its unique air sterilizer/deodorizer, Dooyeon Tech Co. has participated in international invention fairs held in Germany and Korea to win gold and silver prizes, respectively. The Korean government and the Gyeonggi Provincial government have designated the company as a “Venture Company” and a “e-Trade Frontier Company,” respectively.
  • With ISO 9001 international certification, Dooyeon Tech Co. has steadily acquired foreign approvals for its products, such as CE and FCC. The company possesses international patents for its innovative products.

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