Cleaning Products

K•T Trading Co., Ltd. supplies a wide range of Korean household products (kitchen, bathroom, gardening, beauty, pet products) and Cleaning products (magic block, microfiber mop cleaner & various types of dish cloth, cleaning scrubber, melamine sponge, shower towel and body washing towel) through our website ( We operate our own distributor network to provide seamless and unparalleled cross-border connectivity between suppliers and wholesalers. Plus, our extensive 600 manufacturers and suppliers will provide efficient and reliable choices for your business and deliver the range of service required to boost your business. Magic Block:
– Without any detergents, it enables people to remove water stubborn stains easily.
– It can be used to clean any surface like stainless steel, ceramics, plastics, shower doors, bathroom fittings, tiles, shoes and other surfaces.

K•T Microfiber Mop Cleaner:
– Removable pad mop and Velcro system are very convenient. It has a light aluminum telescopic handle for long-time use.
– When the mop gets dirty, it can be washed in a washing machine and reused hundreds of times.
– Microfiber mop cleaner uses less water and disinfectant, resulting in less weight to lift and less potential for fatigue, back pain, neck strain, or less risk for other upper body injuries.


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