Do-it-yourself (DIY) Decorative Tile

MRD Co., Ltd. presents a new home interior culture by allowing people to help upgrade their living space with its innovative DIY art tiles. The safe and easy-to-install home interior tiles will provide a cost-effective solution to redecorating your place without cumbersome and time-consuming tiling work. Safety: The toxic chemical-free product is safe for children, and the contamination-resistant material is easy to clean. It also provides an excellent noise-reduction and waterproof function thanks to soft cushioning materials. It helps prevent children from getting hurt in the event of hitting a wall.

Ease of use: It is optimized for anyone to install anywhere. Made of flexible material, it can be seamlessly installed, regardless of the shape of the wall, including curved walls.

Do-it-yourself-(DIY)-Decorative-Tile Multi-purpose product: It comes in various colors and shapes, enabling people to create interior designs with ideas that they want to express freely.

Cost-saving: You can purchase a small quantity of tiles to bring a change to your place. At a small cost, you can express your indivisibility with the DIY Art Tile. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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