Personal Design Items

I2M Co., Ltd. is a Korean company producing attractive, high-quality design items such as a non-electric personal humidifier, an LED lighting and a tumbler.

Personal-Design-Items_1 Lovepot Humidifier is a desktop personal humidifier made with felt, which has a feature to absorb water. The eco-friendly, non-electronic and sustainable humidifier harnesses natural evaporation instead of electricity without generating bacteria and other containments. When absorbing water from a pot, a tissue ball designed to have large surface area maximizes evaporation. The natural felt based honeycomb structure achieves efficient absorption and evaporation of water. It is also easy to clean and maintain. This product comes in various colors and shapes.

Nanum Dlight Kinetic Lighting is a transformable 6W LED lamp made using PET felt which helps diffusion of light. You can control the intensity of illumination by transforming the lamp shade in 13 steps. Due to the characteristics of PET, it hardly collects any dust, and it is possible to be cleaned with water. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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