Color Cosmetics Brand “MustaeV”

MustaeV is not the biggest but a highly influential cosmetic brand in Korea. With prestige Korean makeup artists in Seoul’s Cheongdam area, where is known as beauty capital of Korea, MustaeV was launched in 2009.

Color-Cosmetics-Brand-“MustaeV” Each MustaeV item was designed, tested painstakingly and proven by a team of high profile makeup artists in Cheongdam and applied to many Korean Pop stars every day. This is the reason that over seventy percent of colleges or universities are using MustaeV for their makeup class.

MustaeV was launched in USA (2013) and TAIWAN (2015). Our key mission is spreading must have items through collaboration with Korean artists working in beauty (makeup, hair, nail etc.), fashion and design fields who are producing Korean pop culture, not only cosmetic items but also fashion, education and cultural activities.

MustaeV has all must have items of color cosmetics; eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, color powder, face powder, foundation, makeup base, concealer, lip gloss, lip palette, makeup brush, makeup tools.

Each shade of MustaeV color cosmetics is classified by PCI (Personal Color Image) system, and MustaeV is suggesting personal-matching color kit to each customer. This is the differentiated point to other normal cosmetic brand. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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