Dental Impression Materials for Dental Clinic

1. PEAK Heavy body: Heavy bodied dental impression material, which is in general use to support light body.’ Type1 (ISO4823). High consistency.
2. PEAK Light body: Light bodied dental impression material for acquiring more detailed impression. Type3 (ISO4823). Low consistency.
3. PEAK Putty: Dental impression material to be mixed with bare hands. Type0 (ISO4823). Very high consistency.
4. PEAK Bite: Dental product for acquiring bite registration. Type1 (ISO4823). High consistency

Dental-Impression-Materials-for-Dental-Clinic NEOSIL Co., Ltd. is a dental impression material manufacturer in South Korea.

NEOSIL started manufacturing of dental impression materials in 2005. Nowadays we make the entire line-up of dental impression materials, including Heavy body, Light Body, Bite and Putty. And NEOSIL completed factory automation so we can provide stable quality products for customers.

Every product of NEOSIL has CE and GMP certificates and we are about to acquire FDA and CFDA as well in near future.

Nowadays NEOSIL is about to advance as a global enterprise which imports and exports all sorts of dental/medical supplies besides dental impression materials. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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