Dental Sealing Abutment

In a conventional abutment, the gap between the fixture and the abutment may increase gradually due to repeated chewing forces. This is due to the contact between the outer surface of the abutment and the inner taper of the fixture, which only occurs in a small surface area due to roughness. On the other hand, Sylbutment from UFIT Implant increases the contact surfaces by transformation to the grooves. It does not create a gap as the transformation between two surfaces occurs within the elastic range.

UFIT Implant is a Korean manufacturer and distributor of various dental implant products made with quality materials. UFIT Implant has distributors in more than 10 countries and continuously looks for reliable partners all around the world. UFIT’s very own patented technology “SYL” abutment bears testimony to the company’s dedication to technical innovation and product quality.

Dental-Sealing-Abutment The “SYL” technology has been tested and proven to provide enhanced sealing effect and prevent loosening of fixtures and abutments. This technology has already received patent approval from China, Japan and South Korea, along with pending PCT applications in 16 other countries.

UFIT’s goal is to become one of the top leaders in the dental industry. With UFIT’s growing list of distributors and partners, UFIT Implant promises to deliver world-class products and excellent service through innovation. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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