Diet-wear Helping to Release Bodily Waste and Consume Energy “HOTSUIT”

Saramsarang Co., Ltd. has developed new-concept sportswear with trendy looks as well as superior functionality aiming at efficient exercise at the same time as weight loss. It is fashionable-looking multisportswear that maximizes physical ability. It also features distinctive colors and designs, and uses professional technologies to improve your figure. HOTSUIT helps to quickly emit sweat due to heating body temperature in a short time. This Spandex fabric makes you enjoy active sports with ease. 99.9% blockout smell of sweat from bodily waste while working out and getting moldy due to Silver nano special stuck coating. Our ultra light fabric helps refresh you during workout and keeps you in the optimal physical condition.

Diet-wear-Helping-to-Release-Bodily-Waste-and-Consume-Energy-“HOTSUIT” | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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