Facial Hyperhidrosis (Polyhidrosis) Controlling Product

SWEATROL PAD Solution is the world’s first facial sweat controlling product, the effect of which was verified through clinical tests, and a patented product with the face hyperhidrosis use and composition of Glycopyrrolate as the active ingredient.

Facial-Hyperhidrosis-(Polyhidrosis)-Controlling-Product http://korean-products.com/inquiry Features
– Convenient disposable pad type packaging
– No compensatory side effects and safe to use
– Quick facial sweat controlling (24 hours lasting effect by only use once)
– Ingredients: Per 1.17ml, Glycopyrrolate 23.4mg
– Packaging Units: 5 sheets/case

Wash the affected area of face clean and completely dry. (Make your face smooth after washing your face and completely drying for the effective application of Sweatrol pad solution.)

Since 1957, Sungkwang Pharm has led the market of the basic essential disinfectants for in Korea for 60 years, and it also has proved the best quality of essential drugs with its stable and rich expertise to the global pharmaceutical markets. The state-ofthe- art GMP facility meets the intricate and international standards of the United States and Europe for product quality.

Sungkwang pharmaceuticals have been exported to the United States of America, the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Myanmar, Macao and Mongolia and renewed sales increases by 20% every year.

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