Fake Fur Fashion Items

G2 Collection is an expert in making high-quality fake fur items such as neck warmer, muffler, and vest. They could be considered as a substitution of real fur because they have very similar quality to real fur in touch, looking, and heat reservation.

http://korean-products.com/inquiry Young ladies are our major customers. We use diverse color combinations of fake furs and chic design with fascinating finishing. One of the merits is that our items are water washable, allowing customers to wear it easily and conveniently.

G2 Collection has experience of 25 years about neck wear items. We have started The Fun Factory in 2014. Particularly, we have 24 years experience in scarves, one of the most essential parts in fashion business, and we have always kept up with the trend. G2 Collection will make fun fur items with our best effort from our long experiences in making scarves.


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