Household Healthcare Equipment

Bodyfriend Company is a total healthcare company that a variety of premium healthcare brands such as premium massage chair ‘Bodyfriend’, Italian natural latex mattress ‘La Cloud’, water purifier ‘Wellness Water’, and home rice miller ‘Mom’s mill.’ Massage Chairs: Bodyfriend massage chairs not only provide thorough body massages but also deliver customized relaxation that are incomparable to any other health care products. Bodyfriend Company has a wide range of massage chair products, each having its own unique characteristics.

Latex mattress: La Cloud, crafted by Italian artisans, intends to provide optimal environment for sleeping. Its special manufacturing process, including 6 steps for drying and reclamation guarantees the best quality.

Rice Miller: Mom’s mill enables you to enjoy rice in the freshest condition by peeling off layers as you want. Only one button is necessary to produce both brown rice and white rice according to one’s preference. With the special friction peeling off technology, nutrients concentrated embryo bud of rice is remained.

Water Purifier: Wellness Water has set the new standard in the counter-top water purifier industry. Wellness Water products use filtered water directly from the tab, which eliminates the possibility of contamination.

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