Mosquito Repellent

DNT specializes in developing and producing mosquito-repelling products in South Korea.

We make use of the natural ingredients extracted from plants that repel mosquitoes and bugs, and developed a first-of-its-kind product in Korea. Since we hardly use any chemical ingredients, our products are safe for kids and people with sensitive skin. Our main products are Aircop Leather Band, Aircop Flower and Aircop Portable Air Sterilizer. Aircop Silicone Band: It is safe for anyone with sensitive skin to use as it contains no chemical ingredients. Even if there is sweating on your wrist, there will be no harm to the body. It is odorless as it is not treated with artificial fragrance as post-production processing. And it provides longlasting mosquito repelling efficacy.

Mosquito-Repellent Aircop Portable Air Sterilizer: This portable air sterilizer is made by using special plastic formed with mosquito-repelling plant extract powder.

Aircop Flower: This is a nano powder using natural ingredients extracted from plants that repel mosquitoes with a wide range of applications for building materials and product materials such as plastic, silicone, polyurethane, etc. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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