Non-caffeine Ginseng Drink

Ginseng Force Energy is non caffeine energy drink made of Korean red ginseng extract with taurine. There is no caffeine, no coloring, no preservative in this drink, which makes it suitable for all ages and gender.


Non-caffeine-Ginseng-Drink_1 Hongsamnara Co., Ltd. is a newly emerging manufacturer of ginseng products in South Korea. We can produce various ginseng and red ginseng products and we has also recently developed our own red ginseng drink, ginseng extract, ginseng powder and so on for pharmaceutical, food ingredients and additives, on a basis of on our own cut-edging technology, with our relevant company of DJ Co., Ltd.

We have a large-scale factory with GMP, ISO, HACCP facility with a newly established research center with its own ginseng field (under the relevant company) and will keep conducting R&D and marketing through the Center and providing high quality service. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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