Precooked Korean Meal “Woori Bibimbap”

You can easily enjoy Korean bibimbap just by adding hot water to Woori Bibimbap. The precooked and dried Korean meal is good for any emergency situation and your outdoor recreation activities like camping, hiking, fishing and backpacking as well as a meal at home. As dried rice and vegetables are packed inside, the expiration period is one year in room temperature. The food is contained in a pouch, allowing it to be stored and transported easily.

Since 2004, CHAMMIFOOD Co., Ltd. has provided ready-to-eat bibimbap, cooked rice with a variety of vegetables and red pepper paste seasoning. We are fully committed to endless research and to ensuring sanitary supervision in our manufacturing plant. We place our highest value on satisfying our customers.

Four different types of products are available: Woori bibimbap beef, Woori bibimbap kimchi, Woori bibimbap mushroom, Ramen and rice with seafood flavor.

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