Zuowl Snail Stem Cell Clinic Nourishing Cream

Zuowl Snail Stem Cell Clinic Nourishing Cream contains stem cells of plants and has fi ve eff ects
− promoting cell regeneration; antioxidant eff ects; collagenesis; anti-aging; and whitening.

Plant stem cells are involved in growth and repair processes, providing energy to the skin to make it healthy and strengthen moisture layers of the skin.

Plus, it has a snail secretion fi ltrate extract that nourishes the skin to keep it beautiful.

What is snail secretion fi ltrate?

Snail secretion filtrate is collected from leaves and flowers after a snail makes its way over them. This ingredient is collected, washed and then filtered to remove any debris, dust and contaminants from the surface. This process does not harm the snails in any way. This ingredient is extremely hydrating and promotes healing within the skin.

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JlunaReal Essence Mask Pack 16 types
Protects and calms sensitive skin
Contains natural extracts that help moisturize dry skin everyday
16 Types of Real Essence Mask:
Vitamin / Synake / Snail / Royal Jelly / Red Ginseng
Q10 / Potato / Pomegranate / Placenta / Pearl / Horse oil
Green tea / Goat milk / Cucumber / Collagen / Aloe


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