Color-coded Cutting Board “DOBLE”


[INQ. NO. 1509C18] Established in 1985, Jinhan Industry Co., Ltd. is one of Korea’s leading kitchenware suppliers that has provided under its own DOBL brand a variety of cutting boards, mesh strainers, and steam & boil baskets as well as other kitchen tools to the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Italy, Australia, Canada, Japan, China, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Using high-end technology and differentiated design, DOBLE offers color-coded boards for different types of foods — red color for meat, green for vegetables, and blue for seafood. Main Features:
– Crafted from non-porous material
– Odor resistant / 99.99% anti-bacterial function
– Non-absorbent
– BPA-free
– Reversible / Bendable for chopping and pouring
– FDA, SGS compliant

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