Fortis Horseback Riding Simulator


[INQ. NO. 1509C06] Fineall FORTIS, after ten years of research, developed the Fortis Horseback riding simulator that imitates the actual movement of a horse, and the company won the Gold Prize at INPEX 2006 (international invention exhibition, Pittsburgh, U.S.A). Fineall FORTIS manufactures scientific and efficient horseback riding equipment through continuous researches and developments. Fortis-P1R: It is SPORTAINMENT production line, which can simulate more than 100 movements of actual horses, including walking, trotting, cantering, and galloping. FORTIS can provide customized exercise modes. FORTIS produces various types of movements to suit the customers’ needs.

Movement No. 36, for example, trains the entire sets of core muscles and is good for decreasing visceral fat.
Movement No. 77 strengthens the spinal erection muscles and can correct spinal scoliosis.
Movement No. 100 is a whole body exercise, and is especially good in strengthening lower limb muscles.

Also, Movements No. 13, 53, 77, and 89 recreate the actual horse-back riding experience, which is a unique feature of the equipment.

Fortis-Horseback-Riding-Simulator Combined with multimedia, FORTIS reproduces more realistic horse-back riding experiences in virtual reality.
The SPORTAINMENT FORTIS is fit for experience centers, horseback riding clubs, and gymnastics.

Fortis-Soul: FORTIS Soul has been developed so that people can enjoy the joyful exercise of horseback riding wherever they want. The equipment moves like a real horse, with the same rhythm and bounce, thus helping physical training and posture correction, physical development, promoting children’s growth and Kegel exercises. FORTIS Soul also can work without electricity, so it can greatly enhance the exercising effects. The equipment also runs with low noise and can be used in schools and nurseries. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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