Metalized or Non-metal Films for Surface of Furniture, Home appliances and Interior Decoration

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[INQ. NO. 1509C34] SKM has expertise in film development and production with more than 30 years of specialty and experience. The business is largely categorized into two divisions — metalized film for steel sheets and another as in furniture applicable films for non-metals such as MDF and papers. With many years of expertise, our products have been highly acknowledged for their excellence in quality by major clients from household and commercial goods companies, to electric home appliances, elevator interior panels, boiler covers, for furniture interiors, kitchen cabinets, profiles, art walls, glass walls, and so forth. Our film products have been widely applied in such diverse fields.

There are various collections and patterns: High Glossy Emboss, Matt Film, Inox Films, UV Imprint, Mirror film, Glass Film.

Metalized-or-Non-metal-Films-for-Surface-of-Furniture,-Home-appliances-and-Interior-Decoration SKM controls each process from beginning to end for the optimal quality control. We apply UV coating on top against scratch on surface, and the hardness can be adjusted from B to 5H. Through UV pattern film, texture effect on surface as well as anti- scratch function is possible.

SKM has not only cutting-edge production facilities such as 4 multi coating lines, 2 hairline machines, UV imprint machines and slitting machines, but also an in-house R&D center to provide optimal services and solutions to our clients. SKM has also been working with leading brands, collecting their extensive opinions and realizing new ideas into products. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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