Portable Cleaning Machine for Agrifood & Household Products


[INQ. NO. 1509C20] CleanBar is a portable washing machine that can remove fine dust, pesticide residues and contaminants from the surfaces of fruits, vegetables, small tableware, cooking utensils, and baby products by generating ozone and ultrasound simultaneously. In addition, the device is effective in sterilizing bacteria.

Portable-Cleaning-Machine-for-Agrifood-&-Household-Productshttp://korean-products.com/inquiry It also ensures the safety and freshness of food by thoroughly getting rid of contaminants stuck in dented areas of fruits and vegetables more effectively than cleaning and rinsing them in water by hand.

TELTRON Inc. has commercialized IC, modules and systems in the RF field, based on its own high-frequency semiconductor technology built since its founding in April 2000.

Portable-Cleaning-Machine-for-Agrifood-&-Household-Products_1 The enterprise is striving to take the lead in the convergence electronics field by briskly developing a bacteria measuring device, residual pesticides measuring device, fruit & vegetable cleaner, deep cleansing face washer, and moisturizing device utilizing the company’s high-frequency motion sensor, phase shifter for satellite receiver and IT-BTNT convergence technologies.

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