Rubber Gloves


[INQ. NO. 1509C21] MYUNGJIN Co., Ltd., founded in 1975, as been producing rubber gloves for home use, protective gloves, and boots for industrial use under its own brand name of MYUNGJIN Gloves. In addition, MYUNGJIN supplies PE disposable bags and gloves for home use, cotton gloves, latex coated gloves and PU gloves for industrial use.’s rubber gloves are made of high-quality natural latex and they effectively protect hands of people for household working or food supply industry employees.

And they contain Loess and Charcoal which is well known for anti-microbial effect to reduce skin irritation.

We obtained a patent for our protective ‘Hook type rubber glove’ in 2007. By attaching a hook on the gloves, it allows users to keep gloves easily and dry well, which can reduce the propagation of bacteria.

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