Large 5-Axis Machining Center

Large 5-Axis Machining Center

By mounting 5-axis machining feature, this machine can machine the increasingly complex parts, which includes many-face machining of a random inclined plane, shape-machining of the mold and the continuous 5-axis machining of the mold and the continuous 5-axis machining of the aircraft parts, with high accuracy and high efficiency. With the main axis head having a wide rotation angle, it realizes reduction of the number of setting in the machining of the parts of complicated shapes and improved machining accuracy by setting once. By the continuous 5-axis head and 5-axis machining support functions, various machining from the machining of the inclined plane, mold machining, aircraft parts machining, curved plate machining, Cam piercing machining and up to engine block machining is possible with the optimum way tailored to the product shape.


Small 5-Axis Machining Center

Minimizes the cumulative errors according to the increase of the number of axes and, by the speed machining not affected by the working weight, high quality machining of the product in a short period of time is possible.

Small-5-Axis-Machining-Center With 1 single work setting, many-face machining and reduction of process are possible. Also, since stable quality can be secured by suppressing the cumulative error of each axis to the minimum to the split degree of the best in same class, the reversal boring and contouring machining which requires high machining accuracy is possible. In addition, with various main axis specifications, aluminum/stainless/titanium and nickel alloy can be machined. As a new solution using an active simultaneous 5-axis machining, machining of the parts of complex shapes requiring high level difficulty such as rotating wings of the impeller, turbine blades, blisks, screw etc. and transformed core, auto parts, aircraft parts and etc. are possible.

About the Company

Since established in 1988, Sang Gu Precision Co. Ltd has focused its major efforts on the machining of the mold plate and mold parts and holds more than 20 units of machining equipments such as large 5-axis machining center and small 5-axis machining center etc and has been engaged in the machining of workpiece of various shapes such as large∙small molds, aircraft parts, curved surface plates, Cam Pierce, engine blocks, rotor blades, transform core, auto parts etc using these various machining equipments and supplying these machined products to global customers such as Korea Judo Industries, Judo/Japan, Judo/Europe, Judo/USA, FUSO MACHINE WORKS/Japan, CREATIVE TECHNOLOGY/Japan etc. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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