HSWG Heat Dry

HSWG Heat Dry

This facility, HSWG Heat Dry Technology is an energy-saving technology converging the highly integrated semi-conductor Heat Spreader and HSWG: Heat Spreader/Wave Guide.
Heat Spreader Technology is an optic communication guide device named after the heat sink bonded at the rear of a highly integrated semi-conductor that is composed of powder with 99.99% purity in far-infrared ceramic, and Wave Guide technology. HSWG technology, converging two technologies having been developed and used for the past 100 years was developed about 15 years ago as an energy-saving technology. (NEP: Notification of the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards under the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy). This energy-saving technology can be applied to not only new facilities, but also existing facilities now in use. It offers excellent outcomes with the same amount of energy saving and the same quality enhancement as that from a new facility if applying it in remodeling of an existing facility.

http://korean-products.com/inquiry ① Drying booth with Wave Guide material
The drying chamber of this suggested facility constructed with the Wave Guide material allows electro-magnetic waves to float only in a booth and to be absorbed by the object to be dried. It enables maximum energy saving. And the lower temperature in the chamber than that in the object ensures the best quality in the painted dry quality (painted film) without a pin-hole. When drying agriculture and fishery products, it promises undamaged dry quality, the same as that from naturally dried. For example, sun-dried peppers and dried fish can be mass- produced in hygienic conditions.

② Heat Spreader Module and Electro-Magnetic Wave Damper
The Heat Spreader module, a far-infrared producing device in a longitudinal shape with an interior built with wave guide material, is designed to irradiate electro-magnetic wave energy being converted from heat energy. The Heat Spreader module has a higher conversion rate to electro-magnetic wave and 30 times longer irradiation distance than an existing far-infrared heater has. Electro-magnetic waves being emitted from the longitudinal Heat Spreader fill the drying chamber and provide dry heat by penetrating directly into the object to be dried. Since the surrounding temperature around an aircraft is lower than that of the aircraft, it does not allow any pin hole on the dried paint film and shows higher efficiency in energy saving. In addition, the electro-magnetic wave damper enhances energy-saving efficiency and provides a cool working environment by controlling temperatures.


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Established in 1986, ICE Co., Ltd. has developed energy-saving heat driers, electric wave convertors, and electric wave converting facilities, and become a one of the leading companies in Korea regarding the convertor market by cooperating with many firms, including Hyundai. We have focused on customers’ needs and seek always to maximize their satisfaction.

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