Balsam Pear Tea & Juice

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[INQ. NO. 1510C15] Balsam pear tea, “Yeojucha Made by Donggok,” (trademark registration no. 40-1129191) is hand-made tea that is made for allowing anyone to enjoy the health benefits of balsam pears easily. The new fermented tea will soon be released on the market, following the company’s dedicated R&D efforts to ferment balsam pear. Balsam pear Juice “Yeoju Hyanggi Made by Donggok”
This balsam pear juice is made by extracting the juice of fresh balsam pears and dried balsam pears at a farinfrared radiation extractor, unlike the traditional extraction method, and then fermenting the extracts at a low temperature for 48 hours. The balsam pear juice has been selected as one of the ‘HIT 500 Products of Korea’ by the Small and Medium Business Administration (SMBA) in recognition of its high quality.

Balsam-Pear-Tea-&-Juice Gam Seong Farming Association has been certified as a company of the ‘Sixth Industry’ and its products were selected as superior products of the ‘Sixth Industrialization Project.’ The company is devoting its efforts to studying and improving the healthy foods made with quality balsam pears, cultivated in a clean natural environment. Plus, the company is striving to fulfill its social responsibility. As a part of that endeavor, it donated its products to a Children’s charity in China and Lives Sharing Association (, a Korea-based organ donation charity. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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