Korean Bamboo Salt

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http://korean-products.com/inquiry [INQ. NO. 1510C10] There is a special salt in Korea that is made using solar salt, bamboo, clay and pine. We put solar salt into bamboo trunks and securely seal the open ends with clay. We put the trunks inside a kiln and burn them using pine tree wood. After the bamboo is burned for 8 hours, the salt pillars remain. These salt pillars are ground into powder. Then we put it in bamboo trunks and burn again. We repeat the same process eight times. On the ninth time, the bamboo trunks are placed inside a kiln. They are then heated above 1,300˚C using pine rosin fire. The salt inside the trunks melts like lava. It is then poured into bowls. When molten salt cools down, it becomes hard as stone.

Korean-Bamboo-Salt This is what we call bamboo salt. Oriental doctors have been using it to treat disease a long time ago; such as a gum disease, bronchitis, gastritis, diabetes, hypertension, cancer, and other types of ailments.

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