Safe Handle for Toilette

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[INQ. NO. 1510C04] MC’Tec is an Inno-Biz (innovation of management as a venture company) specializing in developing and manufacturing medical devices. The company has been working on researching and developing senior-friendly products from 10 years ago. MC’Tec has lately launched its ‘Safe Handle for Toilette’ that supports defecation of seniors and patients who cannot move very well. It helps users sit down and stand up. It improves users’ life quality by helping their defecation, which is as important as eating, and also encourages their rehabilitation by strengthening arm muscles with safe handle. It also prevents them from falling during defecation and losing balance during standing after defecation. MC’Tec’s major product MSH-102 is more safely and finely designed through developing various safe handle models. It can be installed on any forms and sizes of toilettes or bidets by adjusting width and is easy to move. It is certified as group criteria through safety inspection and also registered as an aged-familiar product.

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