Semi-assembled Modular Furniture

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[INQ. NO. 1510C11] CUBIC’S is a new innovative and modular furniture system that is tailored to your home or office in shapes and size, allowing you to build your own furniture. Based on a cube, this innovative furniture needs no tools to build with its wide range of interchangeable joints and panels. Units can be easily dismantled to produce a new design or assembled in an earlier design. The cubes can be arranged in any pattern for any time of furniture from bookcase to display unit.

The furniture can also be used as temporary storage space as required. Being easy to assemble and dismantle makes it ideal for this purpose. Simply dismantle and store away unit it is needed next time.

Semi-assembled-Modular-Furniture CUBIC’S’ all joints and panels are interchangeable and connect together easily and efficiently with little effort. And locking pins are used to secure all panels together so you won’t need to search for tools and Allen keys to put this modular piece together. The process is easy and quick. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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