Butouch Digital Painting Brush

This Butouch Digital Painting Brush has a slim and stylish design that everyone can use without having to download the exclusive applications available for the existing painting/drawing application. Anyone who wants to draw can easily draw anywhere you want. Without hassle to draw a picture with tools like crayons, paints, sketchbooks, etc. Just carry a touch screen product and a brush stylus you can paint like a professional artist. No battery and no charger are needed as it is designed conveniently to carry with Galaxy, Ipad, Iphone and all touch screen products to draw a picture whatever you want.

Butouch-Digital-Painting-Brush http://korean-products.com/inquiry Silsta, a manufacturer and exporter of digital painting brush developed a retractable brush that is conductive using IPad, IPhone, Galaxy and all types of touch screen products that can be used for drawing. This Painting brush is very easy to use. You can draw like an artist. Presently, Silsta is selling in South Korea and exporting internationally. In the future this brush is a necessary education tool for digital learning is a big market that can be opened and expected.

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