Electrolytic-Ultrasonic Injection Mold Cleaner and Electrolyte

Cellular phones, LED, automobiles and others are comprised of injection products of engineering plastic such as connectors, batteries or cell phone cases, and cameras. The injection products are made using a delicate mold. This delicate injection mold is regularly disassembled, and then after its cleaning process for elimination of dirt, each of the parts of mold has to be reassembled.

http://korean-products.com/inquiryThe Electrolytic-Ultrasonic Injection Mold Cleaner (EMF-series) can easily get rid of dirt stuck to every nook and corner of the mold, with hydrogen gas generated by the cathod during electrolysis, in a very short time.

Woorifinechem. Co., Ltd. is an R&D company providing the above Electrolytic-Ultrasonic Injection Mold Cleaner. In Korea, the excellence of these products has been proven by being supplied to Korea’s leading mobile phone and automobile companies such as Samsung, LG and Hyundai-Kia. It has about 90% market share in this field in Korea, and is seeking a committed partner to help launch its overseas business.


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