Non-absorbable Polymer Locking Clips

HANS CLIP, non-absorbable polymer locking clips provide fast and secure ligation onto the vessel. HANS CLIP is available in a range of clip sizes Medium (M), Medium-Large (ML), Large (L) and Extra-Large (XL). The non-absorbable polymer clip is inert, nonconductive, radiolucent, and does not interfere with CT or X-ray diagnostics. HANS CLIP has more advanced and unique inner pattern to provide stronger locking power which is patented. H&Surgical is supplying applicable appliers for both OPEN and ENDO surgery.

Non-absorbable-Polymer-Locking-Clips H&Surgical is a fast growing manufacturer of surgical and medical devices located in South Korea. We are specialized in R&D for providing improved techniques and quality of leading surgical product lines with competitive price. We are supplying Trocar, Polymer Clip, Titan Clip, Anaprotek (Infection Protector after Anastomosis) and Sutures(Nylon, Silk, Polyglatin, Polyglecaprone and etc.).

We are about to launch a new HANS Sonic-Boom (Ultrasonic Vibration Cutting Device) and would extend other advanced surgical products. We are looking for companies to construct long-term partnership worldwide. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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