Hair & Scalp Care Products

Karasadae is a professional scalp care company with research capabilities to develop its professional brand in scalp care, skin care and hair care products.

Hair-&-Scalp-Care-Products K1-Cure, the brand mark of ‘Karasadae,’ is the combined meaning of “Korea’s no.1” and the word “Cure.” K1-Cure includes the passion and the will to strive for excellence from our research staff to become the leading alopecia management product in Korea through continuous research and development to serve not only external, but also internal healing for those suffering from alopecia. The logo image of K1-Cure symbolizes the hair rooting from the scalp. It symbolizes our responsibility to recover the bright smile and confidence to our clients with scalp problems and alopecia.

K1-Cure consists of Scalp Shampoo, Scalp Gel, Scalp Tonic
Serum and Scaling Toner.

The KFDA-certified shampoo helps prevent hair loss, dandruff and balances the sebaceous glands.

And, the KFDA-certified serum nourishes the hair roots and enhances the flow of nutrition supply, thereby, stimulating the circulatory system and improving the growth of your hair. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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