HANSAMNOKYUP Korean Ginseng Drink

HANSAMNOKYUP Korean Ginseng Drink using green leaves ginseng cultivated in water without chemical pesticides during short period of 3~4 months. Ginsenoside Rh1 from green leaves ginseng is good for increasing immunity and getting rid of fatigue.

HANSAMNOKYUP-Korean-Ginseng-Drink http://korean-products.com/inquiry JAYEONDREAM Co., Ltd., an agricultural venture business engaged in the development of new bio materials, developed Nokyupsam, a brand-new ginseng product that is hydroponically grown based on Korea’s world-famous Goryeo Ginseng, as its main products, and continues to develop a variety of other innovative products including quality food ingredients like organic vegetables, extracts of functional new composite materials, functional health products (drinks to cure a hangover), and medicinal herb makeup products (anti-wrinkle whitening facial products).

While the traditional Goryeo Ginseng is grown for several years (4-6 years) only for its roots, Nokyupsam, a fresh ginseng variant hydroponically grown for a short period of time (3-4 months), is cultivated for its stems and leaves as well as roots which are edible.The leaves of Nokyupsam contain approximately eight to nine times more saponin that the roots of a normal fresh ginseng. Having a higher efficacy despite a shorter period for cultivation, Nokyupsam offers higher profits to farmers thanks to the short cultivation period and repeated cultivation, and provides the quality health products to the customers.

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