Peptide Cosmeceutical

Cellicon Lab, Inc. is a bio venture company specializing in peptide human care materials.

“Jeu’Demeure” is cosmetics brand for skincare specialists. Consisting of six products – a gel type cleanser milk, a reforming toner, a reforming solution, a soothing gel mask, a reforming ample and a reforming cream − Jeu’Demeure can be applied to a skincare program ranging from cleansing to reforming cream. The brand has obtained certification for wrinkle improvement and whitening dual functional certification for five products from the Korean Food and Drugs

Administration and it contains three functional peptides totaling 1,130ppm. HairGenesis products contain peptide for hair-regrowth (CIL-030), an innovative and clinically proven peptide ingredient for alopecia or hair loss treatment. The product also contains copper peptide that induces angiogenesis and regenerates damaged dermal papilla cells, natural herb extracts with antimicrobial functions as well as antiinflammatory effects.

Peptide-Cosmeceutical “AcnoGel” of Cellicon Lab is made of a cleanser product suitable for customers who have acne-prone skin type and AcnoGel with excellent anti-inflammatory action against acne bacteria. It contains our own developed skin regeneration peptide (CIL-011) helping regenerate the skin and high-concentrated copper peptide known to have anti-inflammatory action and is formulated with natural moisturizing factor-derived moisturizing peptide. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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