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EUN HAE, founded in 2009 as a cosmetic pouch company, is engaged in manufacturing a variety of personal and home accessories, leading the functional pouch business in South Korea. The company is working hard to provide clients with diverse and innovative products and it has consolidated its competitiveness with cutting-edge new materials and the best design and quality to succeed in the market. EUN HAE operates a factory in China and it has also newly established the first pouch manufacturing company in Korea to advance into the global market. It is also continually striving to grow into a world-class pouch company, based on ceaseless research and development, providing pouches, wallets and bags that are not only functional but fashionable.

http://korean-products.com/inquiry EUN HAE’s pouch items are far and wide in terms of design and color. Particularly, the Flower Scent Pouch is beautifully finished, firm and unique with light weight, enough space and luxurious pattern.

Distinguishingly, the pouch is made by using aroma-encapsulated material to offer lavender and rose fragrance.


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