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Korea Eundan Vitamin C 1000: KOREA EUNDAN VITAMIN C 1000 is composed of premium Vitamin C ingredients from British Vitamin C supplier DSM. This product has been the No. 1 selling Vitamin C tablet in Korea for more than 10 years. Solar-C Tablet:
* Six fruit flavors (lemon, strawberry, orange, grape, and apple, peach)
* Vitamin C (from UK)
* Solar-C Tablets, one of the best-selling snack products of Korea Eundan, are chewable vitamin candies that can be consumed on a regular basis.

Korea Eundan Probiotics: It contains nine kinds of mixed lactobacillus and a total 20 billion lactobacillus, and 500 million of which are alive until expiration date.

Health-Supplements Korea Eundan has been trusted by customers for over 70 years thanks to its distinctive technologies. Korea Eundan’s Vitamin C has become the household name for vitamin supplement in South Korea. As one of Korea’s leading functional food and vitamin supplement brands with 70 years of history and experience, Korea Eundan has rigorously and meticulously managed ingredient selection, production and even distribution of the products to ensure the safety of customers. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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