Binders / Tapes for Farming & Greenhouse Repairing Tapes

Magic Green specializes in manufacturing binders for gardening to resolve the problems of binding buds of crops such as grapes and chili pepper. Its latest “Magic Binder” series and “Magic Tape” were developed to supplement the weakness of manual binder and they are equipped with holder for fixing a string.


In addition, Magic Green developed “Magic Housetape,” tape for maintaining vinyl greenhouse. The Magic Housetape has special material and bond, so attaching is possible even at 30˚C below zero. And, you don’t need to remove back paper when using Magic Housetape. Magic Housetape is durable (its thickness is 0.08mm) and it has strong adhesive strength.

binders-tapes-for-farming-greenhouse-repairing-tapes_1 The company is also developing ET SMART Binder Series, a new electric thermal attaching type binder that will replace existing manual binder that has been used for about 30 years and obtained a patent for ET SMART Binder Series in five countries including the USA and France. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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