Premium white pure goat milk cream & Lip manicure

Premium white pure goat milk cream

IW Company’s Premium white pure goat milk cream has six main features-strong moisturizing, maintaining skin balance, removing dead skin cells, revitalizing skin collagen, protecting skin from toxic substances and anti-aging. Containing 75% goat’s milk, this skin product not only has 28% higher selenium that prevents skin damage from fine dust or toxic substance, but includes various vitamins that enhance skin condition. Also, the selenium component plays a key role in vitalizing skin more than cow’s milk selenium forms in that it effectively protects skin from yellow dust, fine particles or other pollutants. Moreover, this skin care product contains a variety of extracts such as honey, ginseng, orchid, etc. that are also effective for skin sedation.


Lip manicure

IW Co.’s brand ‘Rire’ has developed a unique style of lipstick that is not stick-form but brush type. You can just apply it with your fingertip without double coating which is just like manicure. Since you apply it with your fingertip, it helps your lip line neatly finished up using fingertips. All you need to do after applying is to keep it with your lips opened for one minute until the lip manicure is dried. Lastly, apply a top coat to gain a gloss effect.


About the Company

IW Company launched the brand named ‘RiRe’ in January 2014 and started sales in online markets. Now, we are growing fast while ranking top in sales in the beauty category and operating an offline store in Dongdaemun as well as online shop, and also we opened in the Galleria Duty Free Shop in Jeju Island.We are exporting our products to various countries such as China, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, the Philippines, Myanmar, etc. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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