Zetta Lemon Hand Wash & KILLPOP Tick Aerosol

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The lathering formula combines excellent cleansing with ingredients that moisturize to create the ultimate handwash.

Containing effective antiseptic ingredients and nourishing lemon oil and extracts, this extraordinary cleanser cares for hands, keeping them feeling renewed, soft and supple.

Zetta-Lemon-Hand-Wash Type: Toilet Soap / Toilet Soap Type: Hand Soap / Form: Liquid / Age Group: Adults / Transparent: Yes / Handmade: No / Wash Style: Water Wash / Feature: Antisepti / Place of Origin: South Korea / Brand Name: DBK Korea / Model Number: Zetta Lemon Hand Wash

KILLPOP-Tick-Aerosol KILLPOP Tick Aerosol

Clean your house by killing ticks and other insects
Item name: KILLPOP tick aerosol / Dosage forms: Aerosol / Ingredient: Phthalthrin, d-phenothrin , solvent, incense / Efficacy: Eradicates dust mites, flies, and mosquitoes

How to apply and usage
1. Use it where ticks can multiply, such as beds, mattresses, bedclothes, carpets, sofas, shoe racks, vehicle seats, curtains, chairs, etc.
2. Spray and coat proper amount about 30cm far from objects until wet
3. Ventilate the area three hours after spraying and remove dead ticks by using a vacuum cleaner.
Standard: 300 mL

More Details
Port: Busan
Payment Terms:L/C,T/T
FOB Price: Depending on quantity
M.O.Q : 20 ft full container

About the Company

DBK KOREA was established based on the belief that top quality is most important to ensure customer satisfaction.
DBK KOREA Company principles are:
1. Value creation for customer’s comfortable life.
2. People-orientated company management style.

Through technical cooperation with Germany and Spain DBK, we have grown to become the No.1 OEM/ODM manufacturer in the Korean insecticide market. DBK KOREA is also specializing in the homecare area and effectively pioneering the market by exporting and developing various products through a lot of R&D activities.

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