Health Functional Food

[INQ. NO. 1511C09] Marine Bioprocess Co., Ltd. develops and produces functional health foods through convergence between marine biological resources and fermentation technology. Based on marine bio technology, Marine Bioprocess has been developing natural origin nutraceutical and physiologically active substance from marine plants resources. Liver Safe Life is a health functional food that helps protect the liver against alcoholic damage. The individual approval type food contains lactic acid fermented sea tangle, an ingredient approved by Korean Drug and Food Administration.

Health-Functional-Food Daily intake: once a day/ one pack each time (100g) Functional composition or index composition: quantity each time GABA 75mg

Packaging Type: 1 box 80 packs, 8000ml (100g/ inbox 5ea / outbox 80ea)
DE:Na Salt is a 100% fermented low-sodium salt utilizing fast fermented soybean paste

Natto strain (Bacillus Subtillis). The DE:Na Salt naturally has reduced 20% of sodium from NaCI through fast fermented soybean paste Natto strain (Bacillus Subtillis) fermentation method without addition of mixed formula artificially. In addition, it contains essential amino acid and lots of high level of mineral.

* Bacillus Subtilis is generated in the process of manufacturing Notto of Japan and Cheonggukjang of Korea. Purpose of Bacillus Subtilis Culture: Reduction of sodium and creation amino acid by enzyme and participation for various mineral metabolism. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods