Ankle Foot Orthosis “AF SERVO

AF SERVO is an innovative AFO (Ankle Foot Orthosis), which obviates the fabrication time delays required by customized AFOs, thanks to the turning dial lock which allows on-the-fly adjustments by users. AF SERVO’s turning dial, instead of a Velcro, allows firm adherence of the orthosis to the user’s body shape and provides comfort in daily use, while easing tasks such as putting shoes on or taking them off. Additionally, the turning dial adjustment ensures comfortable fit and does not allow loosening, thus preventing secondary damage. loosening, thus preventing secondary damage. Foot drop symptoms due to injuries such as stroke, spine or nerve damage, bone fracture etc. can cause walking difficulties in daily life.

AF SERVO alleviates inconvenience in social life and facilitates ordinary motion of foot drop patients. Additionally, wearing the AF SERVO helps improving the outcome of rehabilitation treatment.

AF SERVO was introduced at OT World 2014, Leipzig, Germany, ARAB HEALTH CARE 2015, Dubai, UAE, and ISPO 2015, Lyon, France. AF SERVO is exported to major European counties, such as Italia, Spain, Germany, etc.

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