Children’s Story Picture Book + CDs

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Children’s Story Picture Book


[INQ. NO. 1512C25]09Book Co., Ltd., established in November 2012 to produce and distribute children’s books, is steadily growing under the corporate motto “Sincerity, stability, growth.” Equipped with a 530m2 automatic logistic center, the company is involved in designing and supplying over 600 complete series of literature, and developing programs, based on in-depth experience in the field. The Smart Premium Picture Book series for kids up to the age of seven years consists of various contents and compositions. This book series consists of Kids’ First Smart Picture Book (a colorful board book), the Smart Picture Book (a board book) and Smart Storybook of Children’s Classics (a hard-cover book), both of which are designed to help kids naturally develop curiosity about books by featuring a variety of funny and novel special effects like aromatic, glittery, high-gloss, flapped features, color-changing function generated by the user’s body heat, and (Smart Storybook of Children’s Classics only) glowing in the dark. What’s more, all of the Smart Premium Picture Book series allows children to enjoy reading books while listening to recorded sound (orally narrated stories), as it is compatible with a Smartpen, which enables kids to listen to authentic storytelling by professional native-speaking actors. The contents can be translated from Korean into English with correct pronunciation at once.



Children’s Story Picture Book + CDs

캡처2[INQ. NO. 1601C05]The First Smart Story Picture Book Series for Precious Kids targets young children aged from birth to five years who are unfamiliar with books. The picture books are printed in varied full color so that kids can stimulate their curiosity about the books and naturally concentrate on them. Every cover of the premium books comes with glittery decoration as well. With their child-friendly design, the books are conveniently sized to fit into the young child’s tiny hands and every edge of the board books is rounded off for safer and long-term use. The picture books assist with a broad spectrum of learning areas including spirit of inquiry, expression, nature, life, cognition, body, observation and linguistic skills. In addition, they contain a variety of onomatopoeic words and mimetic words to help kids to improve their vocabulary and verbal expression. What’s more, all of the books are compatible with a Smartpen, which can simultaneously translate the contents from Korean into English. The books also come with two practice CDs for children to learn Korean and English playfully while repeatedly listening to the contents.

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