Hangreentech’s Innovative Freshness-Keeping Package, “Zippys®” Provides Ultimate Solutions for Extending the Shelf Life of Produce

How can you store and deliver fresh produce for longer time?

[INQ. NO. 1508C09] This has long been a critical issue to farmers, distributors and retailers in food and agricultural industry. As the food market globalization and the organic food market growth are accelerated, the freshness-keeping of produce is getting more important.

There is one Korean company which has the solution for this problem. It is the “Zippys®” of Hangreentech which is a leading green technology company in the area of fresh storage technology and freshness-keeping active packages.https://korean-products.com/inquiry

AR-34 : The Core Technology of Freshness-Keeping Packaging

Hangreentech has succeeded in developing freshnesskeeping package for fruit and vegetables using the natural mineral composite, AR-34. The new material makes optimum environment for maintaining the freshness of produce by delaying fruit ripening through the absorption and decomposition of ethylene gas, delaying decomposition of ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), and using moisture control, anti-fungal effect, and anti-bacterial effect. Based on its patented composition technology, Hangreentech provides the industrial packages for food processing enterprises and produce wholesalers, and consumer packages for household under its brand name of Zippys®.

Hangreentech_1Improve the competitiveness in exports!
In the early stage of its business, Hangreentech focused on the exportation of produce. Before 2010, the fruit decay rate was over 20% in the long-haul export of Jeju citrus. However, the decay rate has been significantly reduced to 2% to 5% and claim rate has been also lowered as a result since 2010 when Jeju citrus agricultural cooperation puts Hangreentech’s Fresh Pad in use. The achievement drew a lot of media attention in Korea

Safe and proven packaging changes the paradigm!

Hangreentech’s freshness-keeping functional film, launched in 2012, has passed the dedicate certification procedures of the US FDA and the KFDA. The effectiveness of Zippys® has also been proven through various experiments and tests as well as use in real business site. Zippys® is contributing major Korean distribution and retail companies to improve the value of fresh produce and the corporate profitability with its high performance and reasonable price. Zippys® is being strategically used by major Korean retailers including convenience stores and supermarkets of ‘GS Retail’ and organic stores of ‘Choroc Maeul’ as well as global fruits brand ‘Dole Korea’. In addition, famous
Korean department stores including ‘Shinsegae’ are selling Zippys® Consumer Products such as zipper bag. Hangreentech’s Zippys® is changing the paradigm of package market by contributing in the improvement of product competitiveness and corporate profitability.

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