Contact Lens

1[INQ. NO. 1512C08] Founded in 2007, Dreamcon specializes in color contact lenses, contact lenses, and one-day lenses. Since it began exporting in 2008, the company has seen its export volume grow with a double-digit increase every year. Currently, exports account for more than 80% of the company’s revenues. Mr. Kim Young-gyu, CEO of Dreamcon ( won the 78th Trader of the Month Award for his contribution in achieving the outstanding export performance of the contact lens specialist. He has worked for the contact lens business for decades and he made a contribution to development of the domestic contact lens industry by locally producing a contact lens manufacturing
machine in 1987, when the Korea’s contact lens business was in its embryonic stage.
Dreamcon’s top priority in manufacturing its contact lenses as an eyesight correction medical device is user’s health and safety, and thus it established its in-house R&D center in 2009 to devote itself to developing new products and enhancing its core technical competence. As a result of these efforts, it obtained a seven-year expiry date for all of its products from KFDA, the first and only in the industry. Also, it succeeded in developing the world’s first nano anti-bacterial lens and acquiring the patent for a special method called “Plusierus,” along with six patent registrations, eight trademark rights and 11 design rights. With the commitment to quality, it has 11 international certifications such as ISO9001, ISO13485, CE, the U.S. FDA, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan, CFDA for China, Thai FDA, Russia registration and Gost-R for Russia.
3What’s more, Dreamcon is striving to meet the customers’ needs for cosmetic features of the lens through its diverse product range and differentiated design with product reliability.
In particular, all of the company’s color and contact lenses are manufactured by a special
method called “Plusierus,” which capsulates pigments and embeds the capsulated pigments between the layers called HEMA to keep the eyes safe and comfortable. Dreamcon’s technological capacity was highly recognized as its soft contact lens has been selected as a ‘World-Class Product’ by ‘Korea’s Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy among contact lens manufacturers in Korea. Dreamcon’s core technology is expected to play a key role in helping enhance the company’s presence in the global market. Dreamcon is regularly participating, at least four times annually, in global exhibitions to find new buyers.

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