[INQ. NO. 1512C22] Since 1957, Sungkwang Pharm has been a leading manufacturer of the basic essential disinfectants for a halfcentury in Korea. company has provided the best-quality essential drugs with its stable supply and high expertise to the Korean and global pharmaceuticals market. The state-of-the-art GMP facility meets the intricate international standards of the United States and Europe for product quality.
Sweatrol Pad Solution: Using Glycopyrrolate as the active ingredient, it is the world’s fi rst facial sweat control product and it is a hygienic disposable non-woven fabric pad type product. You can feel the sweat controlling eff ect within two hours after application with 24-hour lasting effect.

Beberax Solution: This is an enema for children (3 years and older) and adults. Using D-sorbitol as the active ingredient, it induces smoothly expelled excrement. Small quantity of 5mL or 8mL is enough per single application. The high-concentration liquid hardly fl ows down once it is applied into the body. The European tube type product is easy to insert into the rectum.
Any Clean Solution: It is a spray type dermatologic disinfectant. With the composition of Chlorhexydine Gluconate, DiphenyhydramineHCI, DibucaineHCI, Allantoin and NaphazolineHCI as the active ingredients, it provides sterilization and effective wound repair of scratches and cuts. It is colorless and odorless solution without stimulation. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods