[INQ. NO. 1602C14] Dorco Living is one of the leading manufacturers and of
kitchenware in Korea, and has been supplying the items mainly to local customers for the past 50 years as a market leader in the Korean market with big market share, strong brand power and broad portfolio of excellent products. Based on its differentiated value of products and services, the company has built an excellent reputation among
customers at home and abroad, successfully expanding its horizons to global markets such as the USA, South America, Europe and Asia. Dorco Living has been diversifying its production categories into comprehensive kitchenware.

7Mychef is Dorco’s premium kitchenware brand, which delivers the highest-quality of kitchen knives and scissors at reasonable prices, and with vivid colors and elegant designs. In particular, the innovative and classy design provides customers with
convenience and satisfaction. The Mychef knives offer guaranteed quality, based on
more than 30 years of experience, and utilizing Korea’s top-class technology.
– Precision Honed & Laser Tested: They are hand-crafted by blade masters and laser tested for sharpness and a precise cutt ing edge.
– Heat Treatment: They are specially tempered and ice-hardened to make steel finer and acquire more hardness by rebuilding steel’s structure.
– Tapered Ground: They are geometrically tapered from spine to edge, and from bolster to tip for greatest strength and sharpness.

8Pure is Dorco’s cookware brand that delivers a healthy and safe cooking solution with ceramic coating, which is made from Mother Nature and free from toxic chemicals such as PFOA and PTFE. Plus, far-infrared rays created from ceramic coating ensure the fl avors of the ingredients are retained. Pure cookware provides the following features:
– The high-purity aluminum provides outstanding thermal conductivity, saving energy and cooking time.
– The sophisticated U-shaped handle, curved at angle of 30 degrees enable users to grip the pot conveniently carrying or moving.
– Covered with a TWICE-reinforced, non-stick coating, the cookware allows for eff ortless cleaning and convenience for cooking. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods