Tablet-type Feminine Cleanser

[INQ. NO. 1603C12] HA U DONG CHUN Co., Ltd. spent four years on R&D to develop a brand-new feminine cleanser, called “jilgyungyi.” This tablet-type feminine cleanser has gained enthusiastic responses from Korean consumers, enjoying increasing sales every year, since it made its debut in 2010. repurchase rate is 70 percent. It has also expanded its penetration into global markets such as the USA, Japan and China as well. Reflecting the popularity in overseas markets, it is being currently sold on eBay and jilgyungyi is made using natural ingredient extrUntitled-17acts, ensuring safety for the human body. The hypo-allergenic feminine cleaner is conceived from the fact that a human’s body cleanses itself through lactic acid. Unlike the traditional feminine cleaner which works by temporarily maintaining the pH level, jilgyungyi works by supplying nutrients to lactobacillus, helping the body to generate lactic acid, and thus keeping the body clean. jilgyungyi is effective in removing vaginal discharge and its odor, and relieving and preventing vaginitis. It is also proven effective for vaginal contraction and vaginal dryness.
– jilgyungyi was registered as a U.S.FDA medicine and is sold as a medicine in the USA.
– The Korean patent for prevention and treatment of vaginitis has been registered.
– It was also patented in China, Hong Kong, Russia, Mexico, New Zealand and Australia | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods