Korean Red Ginseng

https://korean-products.com/inquiry[INQ. NO. 1604C15] Since its founding in 1995, Punggi Premium Goods Agricultural Cooperative has cultivated and processed Korean ginseng in the directly operated ginseng fields in Punggi at the foot of Sobaek Mountain which is famous for its clean water and fresh air. The company distributes high-quality Korean ginseng products under its own brand name of CHUN JAE MYUNG.
The high content of saponin in Korean red ginseng is one of CHUN JAE MYUNG’s strong features. Since cultivated between 36 and 38 degrees north latitude for 180 days (longer period than foreign ginseng), Punggi ginseng is high in saponin with a firm texture holding Korean ginseng’s unique flavor for a long time.
Untitled-40By controlling the whole process of cultivation, manufacturing, technical development, and distribution, Punggi Premium Goods Agricultural Cooperative has secured competitiveness in both price and quality. Most importantly of all, CHUN JAE MYUNG is made of 100% high quality Korean red ginseng cultivated using environment-friendly farming techniques.

Maintaining a natural drying system, the brand has made the utmost efforts to ensure customer satisfaction by focusing on the development of new products in its own lab.
CHUN JAE MYUNG has established a scientific sanitary control system in compliance with the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point System (HACCP) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), a quality assurance system designated by the Korean FDA. It ensures food safety through self-regulating, systematic and efficient management.



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